Monday, February 4, 2008

I'm sorry for staying away so long...

God, I'm getting bad about keeping up this blog. You see, I started it specifically to follow my writing of the Gatehouse series and the process of getting it published. But, well, the first two books are written... and the publishing process is S-L-O-O-O-W. There's been absolutely no motion on the novel since my last post, months ago!
So I've actually been working on a book that's not part of the Gatehouse series. Unfortunately, it's not going so well. I'm finding it difficult to write. The story doesn't move me as much as the Gatehouse, as it turns out. Don't get me wrong, it's good, but it's just not as important to me as the Gatehouse. And book 3 of the Gatehouse is really wanting to get out of me, but my agent has told me to work on something different, since she can't market books 2 and 3 until book 1 sells.
I don't know what to do at this point, actually. It's not that I'm getting discouraged... I've only had a very few rejections, and the book is still under consideration by a major publisher. And I knew that the process would be slow. I just didn't know that working on something new would be so difficult.
Now, all that being said, I've also branched out and worked a bit on my comic book projects. The Ring of Auberon is currently being re-worked for entry into the Zudacomics competition ( ), and if nothing happens there, will be re-worked into an actual, official pitch instead of a contest entry, and will be submitted to some places like Shadowline or Dark Horse. I've also worked up several new pitches, and am actively seeking artists to work on them.
So, that's my update. Not much going on. I wish (lord, do I wish!) that I had more to tell you folks, but like I said... publishing is slow!