Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bad days

Well, that was a total waste.

I went to the interview, and was told that the shift required would be evening shift, 4PM to after midnight. That's not something I'm able to do. My son is having a sort of rough time in his life right now. If I were to take the evening shift, I'd literally never see him awake except on weekends and in the morning when I send him off to school, and that's not a sacrifice I'm willing to make as a single parent. So the interview turned out to be pretty short, despite the fact that they seemed impressed with my qualifications.

I hope beyond hope that I get the interview for the other job soon. I don't know what they're delaying for, but they keep telling me the position isn't filled, and they haven't interviewed anyone else for it. But it's my perfect job, at a good salary, and 8-5 shift.

So today was a total bust. I'm now at home, and pulling up my short story to work on it and hopefully nail down the ending.

Oh, and for anyone curious, I've added an author photo (OK, it's actually a snapshot taken with my camera at arm's length). So you folk can see what I look like now.

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