Monday, April 30, 2007

Life Update

You know, MySpace is really getting on my nerves. Sometimes it takes me half an hour to get a blog posted there. I keep getting "Sorry, an unexpected error has occurred". Some days, I can't get a blog to post at all! But I have quite a few dedicated readers over there, and I'm in several writers and comic creator groups, so I don't want to just abandon it as a forum. (sigh)

Ah, well. Enough ranting.

Things are going well here. I've finally got a handle on the revisions my agent asked for (except for that pesky prologue, which I can't help it... I don't agree with her on that!). So book 2 is moving ahead, with several changes made. I'm now going through the methodical process of making sure the changes I made are reflected later in the book. It'd be embarrassing if in Chapter 7 I were to reference an occurrence from Chapter 2, and have that occurrence no longer be there. It's time consuming, but it's coming along.

I'm still in the process of synopsizing and outlining my comic book pitch, and I'm pretty certain that I've found an artist I want to work with... on ONE of the pitches. For some reason, other folks who have contacted me have yet to send me sketches or character concepts. I figure they just have too much stuff going on in their own lives to have the time to get to it, even if they're excited about it. Problem is, there's a deadline that's only a month away, and I NEED to find the right artist for my second pitch if I want to get both of them entered.

I have a job interview tomorrow for a short term contract. I'm pretty confident I'll get it. I'm almost perfectly qualified for it. It's only three months, but the pay is quite good, so I've got my fingers crossed. Wish me luck, everyone!

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