Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Yay me.

Well, there's going to be a new impediment to my writng career. I got the job.

I'll be a contractor involved with a PC technology refresh for one of the area hospitals. Basically, I'll be checking out the old equipment, determining if it meets the criteria to need replacement, and then determining the needs of the user for their new computer system. After new equipment is ordered, I'll be setting up the new PC, delivering to the user, and giving basic instruction in use.

OK, so it's not glamorous. Kind of baby steps compared to what I'm used to. But I'm more than qualified for it, and it pays better than my last job, even if it is a short term contract. No benefits, but eh, I'm healthy right now.

But I absolutely refuse to let this interfere with my writing. Yeah, I'll be busy during the day, but I'll have time in the evenings... on weekends... lunch breaks... whatever. I wrote my first book while working a full time job. I can do it again. It'll even give me motivation. ;-)

So congratulate me. I'll finally be getting a paycheck again.

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