Thursday, April 5, 2007

Today's Job Interview

That went well.

My interview today was with New Harmony Public Schools. The position they advertised was vague; I thought it was for a PC technician. What they actually want is a Technology Coordinator. And guess what? That's a good next step for me!

The interview was good. I spoke with the principal of the school and the superintendant. The interview lasted a full hour. They were impressed with my resume and qualifications, liked my skills, and seemed to genuinely like my personality and background. They went to great lengths to describe their current situation (they have a teacher who has been handling the duties part time) and their current configuration and potential changes they'd like to make. They asked me about what I would do in certain situations, and seemed pleased with my answers. They asked about my hobbies and interests, and were surprised to hear that I'd been writing fiction novels. The principal was also pleased that I have an interest in vocal music performance, because that is his background as well.

All in all, it went really well, and I think the were impressed. They're still interviewing, of course, so I won't know anything for a week or two. But I found the interview to be encouraging.

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